The Postdown

TroyBoy at Pheasantly Fascinating asks,

Which is your current all time-favorite blog entry? And no, you can’t select one of your own! Post about it and let me know in my comments.

I don’t think I can select just one! My true blogroll is a just a wee bit longer than the one displayed in the sidebar. I’ve read a lot of blog entries, and many of them are amusing and memorable, and each of the bloggers behind them is brilliant in unique ways. It’s not really fair or possible to create one set of criteria with which each of them should be judged. (There’s also the the fact that everyone who wasn’t picked will be least a tiny bit offended. Honestly, you will be, just admit it.) So instead, I’ll do a top five type of thing.

5. Surrogate Samurai at Radioactive Jam.
Why do managers get the best equipment? All I got was a SplinteredSharpened Stick.
4. HowTo Piss Me Off With Your Blog at
I mentioned this one a while back. Even though the rise of OpenId mayhave made one or two of the annoyances less common, the rest are noless true. (And I’m sure I’m guilty of at least one of those, myself.)
3. Execution In The Kingdom Of Nouns at Steve Yegge’s Blog Rants
An allegory (in the style of the Thing King ) about the shortcomings of the Java programming language,it’s written in an entertaining but informative style that makes a drysubject interesting and easy to digest.
2. MyWeekend at Nice To See Stevie B
A seemingly mundane "moving day" story takes a macabre twist. If Iwere in that situation, I probably would have jumped to the sameconclusion about the crock pot.
1. Personality Disorders at Digital Heath
It’s a pet peeve of mine that people occasionally make remarks about OCDthat show that they don’t understand it. For example, someone may blogthat they deep-cleaned their home in anticipation of the in-laws’visit, and remark that OCD compelled them to clean the oven, polishall the brass, iron the curtains, and zshoosh all the magazines.
Sorry,but unless you’re convinced that your mother in law will killyou for having a tchotchkie out of place, and you’ve cleaned the ovenseveral times consecutively— just in case it’s gotten cooties in thefew minutes since you last cleaned it— then in my humble opinon,you’re just a perfectionist.
The author of the above post knows thedifference, too, and delivers (also in my humble opinion) a fairlyaccurate description of OCD. (He doesn’t mention numerologicalobsessions, but that would be a whole blog post blogin itself.)

How about you, dear reader? What are some of your all-time favorite posts?

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