The cybernetic arm I linked to a while back could become irrelevant as a prosthetic if Star Trek-style regeneration becomes a reality. A substance called an extracellular matrix can signal the body’s own cells to begin regrowing tissue. It has apparently worked for one man who lost a fingertip in a freak model airplane accident. Has the matrix given him super powers and the desire to take over the world? No— at least, not yet.

Now, burn victims can recieve an experimental version of the treatment in which they are basically spray painted with their own skin cells. The cells continue growing and can eventually repair the damage.

However, there’s one thing that an extracellular matrix can’t knit together, and that’s a lampshade. Sleeping Beauty, a robotic lamp shown at the Design Academy Exhibit, knits a stocking-like shade for itself whenever its bulb is lit.

Perhaps knitting isn’t entertaining enough for you? Check out the Yellow Drum Machine. This little drummer robot drives around a room looking for objects with interesting accoustic properties. When a sufficiently interesting object is located, the robot bangs out an improvised solo.

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