Happy Chinese Lantern Festival!

The Lantern Festival marks the end of the Chinese New Year, and in the past has been somewhat equivalent to the Western world’s St. Valentine’s Day. Chaperoned young people would traditionally roam the lantern-lit streets of China, searching for love, while their elders might play a game of matchmaker.

Today is also the second day of Spring, as the vernal equinox occurred yesterday. Spring, a time of new life, new beginnings, and of eggs balanced on their ends and then decorated with food coloring pellets and vinegar. A time of plastic grass and chocolates for some of us, and for others, a time of drunken beach debauchery. Still others see it as a season of cleaning and planting. Whatever, I say, suits your fancy.

What’s my fancy, you ask? Well, although hard work certainly pays future dividends, and chocolate and debauchery are both compelling enough on their own— never mind if they were somehow combined— something about an evening stroll down a street filled with paper lanterns, young lovers, and music sounds just so pleasant.

Oh, and before I forget, here’s Friday Fun: Spring Edition.

1. Does your household do spring cleaning?
No, it’s really more of a quarterly thing, although I believe that the exact dates might actually be reckoned by the lunar calendar, possibly even the Aztec lunar calendar.
2. Do you approach spring with joy for all the newly growing things and the sight of grass, or does it just scream MUDDY FLOORS AND MOPPING?
Please, I’ve got better worse more important things to worry about than muddy floors. Besides, there’s supposedly a drought on.
3. Do you have a garden that you will be planting and, if so, what do you plant?
No, I live in an apartment, you insensitive clod. And I’ve never heard of pots. Also, there’s supposedly a drought on.
4. What is your favorite thing about springtime?
For a little while, the weather will be just right. Then it will be time to cower indoors from the heat instead of the cold.
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One thought on “Happy Chinese Lantern Festival!”

  1. “I live in an apartment, you insensitive clod” I love this quote. I gonna say this to everyone today.

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