Gwaboo Waboo?

Yesterday, I heard a rumor that the founder of the Weather Channel was planning to sue Al Gore. The lawsuit would charge Gore, and sellers of carbon credits, with financial fraud.

Although there’s not much mainstream news coverage of the statements, as apparently the suit has not yet been officially filed, there is at least a little coverage outside of the realm of pure opinion.

Now, I’m all for reducing pollution and weaning the United States off of petroleum. On the Global Warming issue, I even lean more toward "probably" rather than "probably not." However, I must applaud this lawsuit as a move to force the issue and settle the debate once and for all.


The problem with the Global Warming debate is that too much money is flowing from the terminal ends of the continuum, and creating such noise that the public in general can’t distinguish fact from opinion. Irrational opinions, whether held by the Chicken Littles or by the Pollyannas of the world, do nothing but polarize a society.

Of course, who’s to say that truth will be found in a courtroom? In the past, the Supreme Court has declared fruits to be vegetables, business firms to be persons, and losers to be winners. It’s entirely possible— whether out of a misguided idea of what’s right for America, or a need to avoid overturning a previous decision or two— that a packed bench may make a similarly ludicrous ruling in the future.

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