Welcome to this week’s Link-O-Rama!

The first item for consideration is a robot which pantomimes the dreams of the human interfaced with it. It has been trained to recognize patterns of brainwaves which represent "flying," "scared," "moonwalking," etc.

Next, some Dutch scientists think they’ve figured a way to use roads as solar panels. The energy-absorbing properties of asphalt can be used to generate power for cooling buildings in the summer, and the network of tubing can be used to de-ice roads in winter. The only catch is that a source of cold water is required in summer and a source of hot water is required in winter.

Finally, we have something which some of you have probably seen before. However, it so delights my sense of the absurd that I’m posting it anyway. A woman ordered a wedding cake made in her likeness. Somehow, I don’t think the bride thought this completely through, as I’m sure the bizarre symbolism present in the serving of the life-sized p√Ętisserie proved unsettling to all present.

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2 thoughts on “Link-O-Rama”

  1. The picture where the groom is getting ready to cut the cake is priceless.
    What happens when they get to the head, is it like the Easter bunny chocolates? Does everyone yell I get the head instead of breaking off the ears on the bunny or eating the roses off of the “regular” wedding cakes?
    I just think that’s strange. The last thing I would want is a cake like that, and I’m a huge cake fan.

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