Let’s start this week’s Link-O-Rama with a video of “The Luke,” an amazing new prosthetic arm. The Luke’s “test pilot” reported that, with the device, he can now do many things he hadn’t been able to do for twenty-six years. It’s designed to be controlled by whatever method is most applicable, whether that’s by foot switch or nervous interface.

Cobra Commander is on the move, according to Thai authorities. He seems only to be in the bank robbery phase of his insane scheme for now, but taking over the world can’t be too far off.

A New York museum is featuring a Wall of Condoms as part of a new exhibit. “No one really has time to look at condoms as design objects, so we placed them on internally lighted, um, ‘members’ to show off their ‘inner beauty,’” explains James Biber, designer of the exhibit.

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