Friday Fun: Gaming Edition

Friday is upon us once again. It’s time for Friday Fun: Gaming Edition

1. What was your favorite outside childhood game? Kick the Can, Ghost in the Graveyard, etc.?
I’ve never heard of Ghost in the Graveyard, but if it had rules and/or points, I wasn’t interested. I could (and did) skip tag, kickball, tetherball, red rover, hopscotch, and jump-rope. I was more of a Spaceman Spiff sort of boy.
2. How about board games? Do you have a favorite?
I’ve enjoyed just about every game I’ve tried from both Cheapass Games and Looney Labs: Fluxx, Witch Trial, Nano-Fictionary, Kill Doctor Lucky, etc. They’re fun, and they don’t take hours to set up and play. Anybody want to organize a Game Night?
3. Do you play any PC games? Online or offline? If so, what is your favorite? If not, is there one out there you want to try?
Not so much any more. I’ve tried a few online games, City of Heroes having been my favorite, but I think I’m pretty much over the whole online thing. As for "offline" games, I was a big fan of LucasArts adventures, like Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Mix Hit The Road. That’s why I’d like to try Sam and Max, Season One.
4. Gaming stations,… there are so many out there and I know jack about them! Do you have one or more and which ones? XBox, XBox 360, Playstation, etc.?
All of the above, as well as a PS2 and a GBA. I hardly touch any of them, except for the 360, and even that’s not very often. It’s not that I don’t like swarms of goblins, assassinations, and the Dark Side of the Force, it’s just that most of my time is now spent in other pursuits. Maybe the situation would be different if the 360 had a game involving giant Anime robots…
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