Friday Fun: Clotheshound Edition

It’s Friday, so it’s time for Friday Fun: Clotheshound Edition

1. Do you have to dress for work? If so, what is your “uniform”?
A pair of boring cotton slacks or khakis and an equally boring button-down shirt. In other words, your typical tech’s outfit.
2. How would you describe your style when dressing for yourself, rather than work?
Blue jeans and a tee-shirt, typically, a black tee-shirt. In other words, your typical hacker’s outfit.
3. I have noticed that there seem to be two kinds of dressers in the winter months. Those who love turtlenecks and those that abhor them! Which are you?!
A turtleneck? Here? Are you crazy?
4. It’s lounging time on the couch in the evening. What are you wearing?
Old and soft tee shirt and shorts. In other words, what most of you probably also wear in that situation.
5. Describe your favorite “feel good” outfit!
I don’t have a favorite, but I feel pretty good in the answers for #2 and #4, mainly because it means I’m not in #1.
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