Death Star Punchout

The other night, I had an unusually vivid dream….

I was aboard the Death Star as an undercover Rebel spy, on a mission to steal the plans to the Death Star. I downloaded the plans from the central computer onto a microdot and hid the microdot among some papers. I just had to wait until my accomplices completed their own missions, and then we would all escape together. However, one of them was caught, and the Imperials knew there were spies in their midst.

I was visited by my Imperial boss, a black-uniformed officer, as I was looking for the microdot in preparation to escape. He saw it at the same time I did. "That looks like a Rebel microdot!" He grabbed sheet of paper that the microdot was attached to. I tried to tear the page, so that I could keep the part with the microdot. It didn’t work.

"Obviously, I have to knock him out and take the microdot back," I thought. So I swung at him, but he was a little too far away.

"When I punch someone, I do it like this," he said, demonstrating on empty air.

Then I took another swing at him and knocked him out cold. I took the microdot back, disguised myself as a stormtrooper, and escaped.

… It’s a litile long, but I think I’ll try sending it to Slow Wave.

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