Dear Blog

Has it really been three (or more) days since I posted something (that was meaningful?) My dear blog, please accept my apologies for this act of gross negligence. I’ll make it up to you. You’ll see! I’ll tell you funny stories, and draw you funny pictures. I know you’re tired of memes and token Link-o-Rama posts. You’ll see no more than one of each per week, unless I’m really out of ideas. Will I take a big black marker and draw a big black moustache on my boss and then tell you why I’d be happy to vote for Obama? Yes, and soon. Will I tell you how I ate a piece of toast and then brushed my teeth?

And then you threw an octpous at my window.

No, but I will definitely tell you if someone throws an octopus at my window.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Blog”

  1. I will still read even if you post about eating toast. Though I do have a question for you that might make for a techy blog post. Why did you choose your blog platform? It is not one of the top 10 or 15 systems. So how did you find it? I checked out the page for it a few weeks ago. Nothing really stood out to me as making it different. So I guess it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on why you chose it.

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