Where Does The Time Go?

Oh dear, one’s post-every-day challenge ends and then one stops posting every day, doesn’t one? Should I join Blog 365?

Although my last post might have left the impression that I’ve been sucked into some sort of fantastic world of space ships and laser wars, that’s not entirely the case. True, I’ve continued to play EVE Online, partially since it’s free (for now) and mainly because I don’t have to reboot into Windows since there’s a Linux client. I’ve also done a lot of very boring things which I shan’t bore you with. Instead I’ll regale you with tales of interstellar commerce and piracy.

So far, all I’ve done is follow a newbie story arc, during which one pursues a space pirate and is periodically rewarded with money and equipment. Hopefully, there’s a bit more to future missions, as I’d like to try a little bit of everything that I can before the trial expires, and in doing so, maybe I’ll catch a glimpse of something new and extraordinary.

One thing that I have found to be interesting is the fact that it’s sometimes more profitable to recycle salvaged loot than to sell it. That is, a piece of equipment taken from the wreck of a defeated foe can be broken down into common (and less-common) metals and chemical components, some of which can be worth more than the equipment itself.

Another interesting feature is that there are no experience points to be had anywhere. Instead, a character’s skills can be trained simply by purchasing a training manual. However, just as in real life, training requires an investment of time. A certain number of minutes must elapse before a skill is completely learned. Fortunately, it’s not like The Sims, in which one must watch a sim read a book. A starship captain is apparently a great multitasker, and can plot a course, target an enemy, converse with an agent, and launch all weapons, all the while reading up on the latest Hull Modification techniques. Unfortunately, learning two skills at once seems to be beyond even a starship captain’s ability.

Is this game for me? I’m still not sure, but at least I have nine more days to figure it out.

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