Friday Fun: The Windfall Edition

My apologies for posting two memes in a row, but it’s time for Friday Fun: The Windfall Edition

1. If you were to get a unexpected windfall, what is your first thought on what to do with the money? Were you practical or not?!
My first impulse is just to sit on it. Is that practical? I guess that depends on your point of view. Most people would probably urge me to buy a new car, a big-screen TV, or to go on a cruise. Others would shrewdly suggest I invest the cash rather than let it languish in a savings account But, something tells me I’d probably need it for something or other, and sooner rather than later.
2. You have $1000 to spend on yourself. What do you buy? With $5000?
For $1000, I’d look into a new laptop. For $5000, I’d look into a nice new laptop. Or (I admit it) a little bit of cosmetic dentistry.
3. You have $1000 to spend on something for your home. What do you buy? With $5000?
I’d take either sum and put it toward a better location.
4. You have your windfall and you realize your car is older than you. So what do you buy?
Last time I was in that situation, I was bamboozled into driving home with something I wasn’t exactly thrilled with, and paid quite a bit more than I wanted to spend. Next time, maybe I’ll be situated so that I won’t need to buy a car at all. Bah, cars are the root of all of our problems anyway. Traffic? Cars! Pollution? Cars! Middle East? Cars!
5. You decide to buy some books with your windfall at Amazon. What 5 books would you get?
Five books that I don’t already have? Hmm. I don’t know. When I get an impulse to find a particular book, I usually try to order it from So I don’t really have a big wishlist. In fact, I’ve got quite a big To-Be-Read pile. However, I can tell you that I’d probably first browse the how-to section, then the science section, then the science-fiction section.
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