Vast Plans

So, to my utter lack of surprise, building the fabricator is turning out to be just a wee tiny bit more troublesome than I’d hoped. The easy part’s done: I managed to screw together a few pipe fittings before being confounded yet again by details and more details. The wheels are too small, the motor shafts and threaded rods are different sizes, there were no nuts to match the rods, my hacksaw broke, and one of the pipe segments is too short. Can you guess which one?

Vast plans   Step 1 complete

In my opinion, it’s the segment leading from the uppermost elbow to the floor flange (the disc with four small holes.) Since the tool of the day will be attached to the floor flange and the work surface will move around beneath it, then unless I’m mistaken, the machine will be unable to fabricate anything longer than this segment.

Well, you know what they say: Never use a "point zero" release of anything.

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