Project Frenzied Gecko

Although little postworthy has happened today, it occurs to me that it would make things a bit more interesting if I were to dub each of my projects in progress with a mysterious and evocative code name. I found a really excellent project code name generator on the Web once, but it now seems to be out of commission. It did generate the name "Project Frenzied Gecko" which I always hoped to find a use for someday. The question is, should such a great name be applied to a real project, which may not live up to expectations? Or should it be used as an umbrella project title for "other stuff we’re working on but can’t tell you much about yet"? (I used to like to insist, correctly or not, that "Duke Nukem Forever" was an example of the latter option.)

So, since I don’t want to be disappointed by Project Frenzied Gecko, I’ll name my projects in progress thusly:

  1. Three-Axis Fabricator: Project Nonrelated Fortress
  2. Mobile Armatron Retrofit: Project Flaming Pincer
  3. Automatic Pantoum Generator: Project Ionic Flamingo
  4. Parts Catalogue: Operation Vector Wombat
  5. New Random Project Name Generator: Project Pickled Lizard
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