OpenID, You Vex Me So

As previously mentioned, in an attempt to avoid opening an account at Blogger* I instead took the OpenID fork in the road. I chose an OpenID provider and then delegated the ID to my domain. That was all relatively easy. Unfortunately, something doesn’t seem to be working as it should. When I do post a comment as an OpenID claimant, it appears that my domain name is shown as the author of the comment, not my username at the OpenID provider, and not the allegedly real name that I provided to them.

I’m not sure where the actual problem lay. Is the OpenID provider that I chose simply not responding in the desired fashion? Are the OpenID clients misinterpreting the returned data? Is this humble user completely misinterpreting the OpenID standard, and thus expecting an unlikely result?

In an attempt to answer these questions, I opened accounts at Blogger and LiveJournal so that I could post a number of test comments without disturbing anybody else. It appears that when placing comments at Blogger using OpenID, when my delegated URL is entered into the OpenID field, my domain name is displayed as the comment author. This is consistent with what the Blogger developers showed in their own blog. However, when I used the OpenID URL that was provided to me by ClaimID, the author of the comment was shown as the ClaimID username. While not exactly ideal, since anyone clicking the link would be taken to ClaimID rather than directly to here, this result was a bit more like what I’d been led to expect.

As for the LiveJournal experiment, using either of the OpenID URLs resulted in the URL entered being shown as the comment author, rather than any sort of friendly name. That just Doesn’t Work for me.

Take a look at the blog post linked to by the Blogger blog, OpenID For Non Superusers. Many, if not all, of the OpenID commenters have friendly names showing, not URLs. Admittedly, it appears that the majority of them appear to be using MyOpenID, AOL’s OpenID, or their own PHP OpenID servers. It also seems unlikely to me that is a Blogger site. (BTW, I think I’d go crazy if I had to use Blogger. Even though it’s a little quirky sometimes, I heart Thingamablog.)

The next step in this experiment, then, is to repeat the above tests with a different OpenID provider and compare the results. I should also, perhaps, locate another OpenID client and test that with my existing provider to see if a friendly name is shown.

Whee! :-P

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