Look, a robot!

Toyota recently unveiled its robotic violinist. Like many commercial Japanese robots, the violinist is designed to be clean and friendly in appearance, the better to project the image of a helper and friend.

Had this robot been built in the United States, it might have looked abit more like this.

Robot Devil

On the other end of the complexity (but perhaps not evilness) scale isEvil Mad Scientist Laboratories’ latest creation, the Bristlebot!

Isn’t that cute? Kind of reminds me of one of these.

Scrubbing Bubble

When I was little, I begged my parents to buy Dow Bathroom Cleanerso that I could capture a Scrubbing Bubble and keep it as a pet.One day, my parents bought a can of Dow and let me spray it intothe bathtub. I watched the resulting pile of foam and waited forthe first Scrubbing Bubble to emerge. But, of course, nothing of the sorthappened. I angrily demanded to know where the Scrubbing Bubbleswere. I was patiently told that I was looking at them. My bubblewas, if you’ll excuse the pun, burst.

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