Pink Tentacle brings us the 2007 Robot of the Year. The winner is a food-safe pick-and-place robot that can handle up to 120 bon-bons per minute. Lucy, you’re fired.

Although the medical runners-up are performing noble work, I’m intrigued by the Miuro, which is essentially a rolling boombox. Could it, I wonder, be programmed to barge into my room early in the morning and begin a specially crafted playlist designed to wake me up gently? Could it also be programmed to evade my inevitable groggy attempts to capture it? If it can do that, the surely it can also begin playing a "Time to Go" song at just the right moment to urge me out the front door on time.

It just wouldn’t be a proper Link-O-Rama if I were to cover only one subject. So here’s amusical teacup:

Theremugfrom KyleMcDonald on Vimeo

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