Breaking The No Meme Rule

I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in the blogosphere that’s not quite convergent behaviour, but is probably a bit more than coincidence. Given a large enough pool of feeds, one may notice that occasionally two people will post almost the same thing at almost the same time. I’m not talking about the replication of news, or of the old "I’m standing in the midnight line for [xBox|iPhone|Harry Potter]" type of post. Rather, it’s that two people seem to have almost the same idea at almost the same time. For example, today I noticed two posts complaining about the word meme (not the word meme, or even worse, the Word® meme)

He tagged me for this meme… and will somebody PLEASE tell me what the Hell a "meme" is? Why do we call it that? I just understood why we call them "blogs" a little while ago. I’m slow. I need help… [Here]

I’ve seen this little survey (I refuse to call it a "meme"–"meme," to me, is one of those new made-up words that some kid from the popular clique made up and forced everyone to use–I hope he’s like all the other popular kids in high school and goes bald and sells insurance, cheats on his wife and she takes him to the cleaners. Where was I? Oh yeah, the meme) [Here]

I, too, have been a bit annoyed by the use of the word meme to mean a chain questionnaire. A group of questions to be shared is not really a meme, that is, it’s not a unit of thought or of culture. The idea of passing along a questionnaire is a meme. Therefore, if both of the quoted posters have read an earlier third post, in which someone might have made a similar comment, this post may contain a word meme meme.

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