Blogger, You Vex Me So

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy, except when I’m feeling just lazy enough to want something done, but not so lazy as to not bother. This here blog is a good example. I didn’t want to be bound to a particular blogging service or even to a particular hosting provider, for various boring reasons. That’s why I’m using a client-side application to generate and upload my posts. Just a bit 1990′s, to be sure, but I could pack up my site and move it elsewhere in a handclap. I only bring this up because of Blogger. In the past, they’ve let me post comments (when a blog author allows it) under my name and URL. Now, this option has been removed in favor of OpenID:

We apologize for removing the URL field from the comments form prematurely two weeks ago. That was a mistake on our part that came from launching OpenID support on Blogger in draft. Ironically, our testing of OpenID, a feature that lets you use accounts from all over the web to comment on Blogger, made it appear that we were trying to force you into getting a Google Account. [Source]

Well, they nearly succeeded in doing so. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) some software peculiarity prevented me from opening a (second) Google account. (I don’t want to use the first one for commenting, okay?) While I could have sat myself down and figured out how to set up my own OpenID server, that seemed like a bit too much effort for a weeknight. I instead signed up for an account at, which looks like an interesting service. It will not only act as an OpenID server, but will also function as sort of an information hub for one’s online identity. Even though privacy is dead (get over it) one still wouldn’t necessarily want all elements of one’s online identity tangled up into one embarrassing mass, but I could imagine creating a "private" identity (blog comments, gamertag, Flickr account) and a "professional" identity (work websites, resume, portfolio, etc.)
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