Post Halloween Post

Well, Halloween is over now, so that means NaBloPoMo has begun. I’ve no desire to let a day slip by by accident, so I’d better start posting as early in the day as possible, so I’ll be energized and full of opinions. I mustn’t wait until, say, 10:30 at night, when my energy and will have been sapped by two interminable hours of television. And yet, how do I fall into this trap? Well, obviously, I can’t post as soon as I walk in the door. I have to listen to stories about work, or shopping, or grandmothers, or whatever, and then I’ll have to cook, and then I have to eat, and that means TV time.

I’m not a big TV fan. I can’t watch more than an hour or so at a time without getting restless, thinking of all the other things I could be doing. And I have TiVo, so I don’t have to sit down and watch a show the moment it comes on. But I know that if another member of my household watches a show without me, I’ll probably just let it linger on the TiVo until the news briefs become amusingly dated, and trailers roll for films long since gone to DVD. This isn’t entirely due to disinterest. I can still only watch one show at a time.

This is fine by me. And yet, whenever I do opt out of a viewing, I notice that the volume on the TV eventually is turned up so loud that I can hear it from the Secret Lab. And by it, I mean not just the program, but the unnaturally loud laughter that I know means, why aren’t you watching this with me? So I sometimes feel a bit guilty about skipping some shows.

The net result of this is, of course, that computer-time ends up beginning at around 10:00 PM, which by some calculations ought to be my bedtime. That means I’d have approximately two hours to catch up on e-mail, RSS feeds, etc., and then to try to write a post, because if it’s not posted by midnight, it doesn’t count for NaBloPoMo.

So, what to do, what to do?

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