Good news everyone…

No, I haven’t taught the toaster to love. A new version of Thingamablog was released! It’s got a few exciting new features, features that I probably won’t use, although I might, someday. I just hope that it can deal with a few currently broken RSS feeds. If I have been a stranger lately, well, a constipated feed has got a good chance of contributing in a non-trivial way as to the reason why. The new version’s also got new icons!

To those of you that have asked, yes TAMB is still very muchalive :) Although it looks like 2.0 is going to be in the cooker a bitlonger, here is Thingamablog 1.1b1, which brings several cool newfeatures such as the ability to post remotely via email, templatepacks, and more! Get the full scoop on thisrelease here.

An Update!

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One thought on “Good news everyone…”

  1. Teaching a toaster how to love? When that day comes, sign me up for 3 of them! :)
    Your thingamablog is pretty nifty. Do you code in your spare time, or do you work full time as a developer?
    oh, and when I’m not so lazy i’ll give you an honorary tag :) Maybe today, who knows …

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