Friday Fun

Today, I’m going to do a Friday Fun meme. Just, you know, for fun. This one’s called "Friday Free Time."

1. It is a cold, rainy afternoon and you have no plans for the day. What do you do?
Cold and rainy? Here? Well, I suppose it’s got to happen sooner or later. No sense in trying to go out as the rain will cause drivers to lose what little sense they may have had. "Oh, look! Water is falling on my car. How interesting. I’ve heard about this. I’d better call my wife and ask her if she remembers whether that means I’m supposed to drive faster or slower. I’m pretty sure it means to go faster. Hello dear. There’s water falling on my car. Do you remember– No, I’m not sure where it’s coming from. Here, let me roll down my window and take a look."
2. It is a hot day in the middle of the summer and no responsibilities. What do you do?
How hot are we talking here? Is it "let’s make some lemonade" hot or is it "I think my car’s melting" hot? ‘Cause if it’s the latter, I’m turning on the air conditioner and then taking a nap.
3. It’s Saturday morning, and you have no agenda. What do you do?
Um, watch the Sci-Fi Friday that my TiVo has TiVo-ed?
4. It is a beautiful winter day and you have nothing to do. What do you do?
Well, a beautiful winter day would be much like a beautiful summer day, except that the sun wouldn’t be beating down quite as relentlessly upon my head. It would be a nice day to do just about anything outdoors, perhaps even to walk along the beach, since it won’t be quite as crowded as it would be during the summer.
5. You are sitting in front of your computer, and nothing to do but play. What do you do online?
The same thing we do every night, Pinky! Try to take over the world! And read blogs.
6. You have a whole afternoon with no plans, and you feel like doing something creative. What do you do? A hobby?
As it happens, I’ve got an old Mobile Armatron with a broken control pendant that I’d love to convert to computer control, and I’ve also got a little Velleman robot kit that I’d love to put together, and I’d like to build a case for my experimenter’s power supply, and maybe better attach the cover to my Laser In Use lamp, all of which I’d totally do if I had a whole afternoon with no plans…
7. You have $500 burning a hole in your pocket and no bills to pay and nothing to do. What do you do with it?
Try to take over the world! Or maybe buy a Wii.
8. Work is done for the day and the evening is yours. What do you do?
Answer questionnaires like this one?
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