Berzerk This

Note to self: all future robotic minions MUST be constructed with kill switches and SHOULD be constructed with self-destruct mechanisms.

The reason for this is that every electronic minion has an extremely small, but non-zero, chance of going berzerk. This may be caused by bit-flipping stray neutrons, static electricity, overheating, or any of a million other silly reasons. Assuming the effect is unintentional, the minion must be stopped before it creates any inconvenience or embarrassment for its master. Thus the need for the kill switch and/or self-destruct.

Now, I understand the rationale for not equipping automotive alarms with kill switches. Presumably one would not want a car thief to simply kill the alarm before making off with one’s vehicle. If, on the other hand, one’s auto alarm were to randomly enter the burgled state (due, perhaps, to cosmic rays, or due possibly to radiation emitted by the soil) it would doubtless cause one a fair bit of embarrassment and inconvenience. This would be particularly true if such state change were to take place in the parking lot of a shopping center.

I also understand the rationale for not equipping automobiles with self-destruct mechanisms. It would have been quite an inconvenience to the present and future shoppers to have what would otherwise have been a valuable parking space be occupied by a pile of flaming, honking wreckage.

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