Because it's like a Friday

It’s not really Friday, but since today’s like a Friday, and since I don’t want to post two videos in a row, I’m going to answer a Friday Fun questionnaire on a Wednesday. Moo-hoo, muh-woo-hoo, muh-woo-hoo-ha-ha-ha!

The latest questionnaire asks, "In honor of Thanksgiving next week, what things are you thankful for in your life?" Soo… it looks like you all be spared reading yet another collection of random questions and answers. Instead you’ll all witness… the Obligatory Thanksgiving Post. The horror! The horror!

Well, without going too far into the gruesome, intimate details, I am thankful that I am employed (for however long it ends up lasting) and as a result I’m a) not being stalked by bill collectors from India, and b) have a roof over my head, electricity, and Internet access. I am also thankful for that wonderful individual who shares said roof, electricity, and Internet access, and who, I’m sure, wouldn’t want to be mentioned here, so this statement shall hereby be stricken from the record.

Boring, yes, pedestrian, yes… but isn’t that what the Obligatory Thanksgiving Post is all about? It’s like the stufffing in the turkey. Everyone expects to have it on Thanksgiving, but all too often, it’s just a mass of bland mush. Shall we spice it up? Add a little bam?

In other news, I’m thankful that the United States hasn’t been completely transformed into a fascist empire, so there’s a possibility things can be put right again. Sorry, was that too bam-y? Then strike that statement from the record, too. On second thought, don’t. On third thought, maybe I’ll wait for Ultraman to say it first, and then I’ll just agree with him.

Finally, I’ll revisit my statement from last year, that I’m thankful that the Earth in partiicular, and that the Universe in general, have parameters hospitable to life.

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