Wireless Christmas Lights

Gentle Reader writes:

Q: Are there christmas lights that clip individually and are self- contained? no wires!

A: There can be, if you don’t mind a little bit of gluing or taping. You can make a variation of throwies that have clips instead of magnets. You will need:

  1. Light-Emitting Diodes. Any color you like. If you’re not picky, youcan get an LEDassortment. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can get the self-blinkingvariety.
  2. Watch Batteries: The original article suggests the CR2032battery, although I suspect that any three volt watch battery willwork just as well, but it may not last as long.
  3. Tape: Any strong, non-conductive tape. It will hold the LED to thebattery, and the battery to the clip.
  4. Clips: Since trees generally aren’t magnetic, you’ll need some way tohold your throwie to the tree. You can use clothespins, binder clips,Twist-Em’s, ornament hooks, or whatever else you may like.

Now, the only tricky part is to attach the long lead of the LED to the positive (+) side of the battery. Use the tape to secure the LED to the battery, and then to the fastening device thusly. (Click to enlarge.)

tree-throwie-01   tree-throwie-02  tree-throwies-03

My examples are a little crude-looking, but they are only meant to demonstrate the principle. One could get quite crafty and employ ribbons, styrofoam, glitter, pipe cleaners, pine cones, spraypaint and anything else that may spring to mind.

The advantages of these over traditional lights are of course that there are no wires to tangle (although winding your traditional string of lights around a piece of cardboard at the end of the season can help with that.) They are also very low-current and should put off very little heat, much less than the typical incandescent bulb. Thus is is very unlikely that they will melt anything.

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