What do you want?

Like most of you who have your own websites, I occasionally look at what brought people to the site. Sometimes, if I see that an interesting query is posed often enough, I’ll occasionally answer it. Other times, well, you know where aneurysms come from, right?

compound chocolate
Well, maybe I did mention compound chocolate once.This is the resulting substance when one substitutes vegetable oil (orother fat) for cocoa butter when making chocolate. There were plans toextend the official definition of the word "chocolate" to encompass compoundchocolate, but I don’t know whether that’s been resolved yet.
basic stamp hard disk
Either someone is trying to connect a hard drive to a BASIC stamp, orsomeone is planning to build a hard drive around a BASIC stamp. Theformer is, in my opinion, probably not worth it, unless you’re usingthe Stamp as some sort of data collection device, but even then, itwouldn’t be hard to just establish a serial link with a real computer,which could write the data to disk with ease. The latter, on the otherhand, would be a fantastic science fair project. And, it wouldn’tnecessarily have to be a disk. A cylinder might be easier tobuild:

Drum Memory
electronic brain pancake
Are we about to witness the birth of the next Internet meme, or is"electronic brain pancake crystal elderly" just a random collection ofwords, like "fish brain robot?" Perhaps today’s Robot-a-Day will shedsome light on the matter. Main screen turn on!
short stack
Elder Crystal not included.
silicone gynoid replicant
Asking how to build a generic feminine robot is one thing. Askinghow to build a replica of a specific female is something else. Andasking specifically for silicone, with al of its connotations, isjust a little over-the-top. However, I suppose it does depend onthe intent behind the replicaition. I’d suppose that replicating, oh,Angelina Jolie for the purposes of, say, a Tomb Raider-themedamusement park ride would be okay, unless it was done without herpermission. On the other hand, replicating Angelina Jolie as alove-bot would be a little creepy, unless it was done with herpermission. (It would still be a bit creepy, though.) Now, what if itwasn’t a celebrity that was replicated, but an ordinary person whohappened to attract a stalker? Quite a bit more creepy. Now, whatif it wasn’t a stalkee that was replicated, but a beloved,deceased spouse? A little less creepy. How about a spouse that wasslightly less beloved, and slightly less dead? Hmm…

No, nothing goodcould possibly come of that.

build your own gynoid
I said no.
"Detachible Penis" android
Perhaps you meant this:
King Missile
Originally uploaded by GreefusGroinks
meaning "roll back in their heads"
I believe that’s what happens just before the aneurysmstrikes.
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