Hi again. You may remember me from this past spring when I drew a robot every day for the month of May.

Well, I’ll be doing it again this October. One original robot every day, unless I happen to forget, in which case I’ll do two the following day, or three on the day after, or quite possibly thirty on the thirty-first. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


I’m not sure which is scarier: this drawing, or the fact that I saw it in a towel. No, wait, come back! It was just a case of matrixing, or what Scott McCloud called "closure" in the book Understanding Comics. If you see something vaguely face-like, such as our friend the emoticon :-), then a part of the brain will insist there’s a face there. Quite likely, some hard-wired survival instinct. An instinct which no leads to, no doubt, some of the Jesus-on-toast sightings. (Ze Frank on toast, on the other hand…)

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One thought on “Robot-a-Day”

  1. We do that a lot (the seeing of faces in things). Especially for some reason with cars, but that’s mostly my boys’ fault. Though they don’t really like cars all that much so i don’t really get that.

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