As amusing as it would have been, Mechanical Package was not a song sung to the tune of Detachable Penis. It was actually magazine that ran from 1931-1932. Each of its four issues included a kit to build something such an an electric motor. The first issue, available online, included the article, "A Modernistic Den for Bachelors:"

The Editors of the Mechanical Package Magazine frankly admire the new style of contemporary interior decorating, and have kindly commissioned me to design a series of men’s rooms which the man who has the creative ability can build for himself at a very low cost.

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And from the I-didn’t-know-that-had-a-name department, here’s the TV Tropes Wiki.

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One thought on “Link-O-Rama”

  1. Mechaaanical Package!
    Having a mechanical package can be a pain in the ass, such as when I run out of batteries and it just lays there. But I dunno… the ability to hook up to 110 and go all night, is just… nice. I guess I could get one of natural packages but I’m kinda fond of the one I have…
    Mechaaanical Package!

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