When I was a kid, I told my teacher that I wanted to build a robot that kids could send to school when they were sick. It would have a TV camera that would allow them to watch the lessons of the day. Naturally, the teacher’s response was, "I’m not teaching a robot." Well, many, many years later, someone finally did it. Well, something similar, anyway– he uses his robot to telecommute.

The Generator Blog‘s mission is to catalogue the various Random Whatever generators fluttering about on the Web. I’m tempted to blow the dust off the Star Trek Episode Generator I wrote in Pascal, way back when, and maybe translate it into something that computers still speak.

If you’re having trouble with the vqadmin ACL file, a quick Google search will bring up result after result saying things like, "now customize your ACL file. I won’t explain it as the comments in the file cover it." I disagree. I later found this and thought I’d discovered the answer:

Here’s a quick explanation of the access lists:
Format: <user group> <access restrictions> <users>
user group: Any single alphanumeric word you wish. It’s purely for human recognition (except for the "default" group)
access restrictions: See vqadmin.acl for a list of these and what they mean.
users: Comma seperated list of users. When a user logs in via Apache’s htaccess system, the CGI will recognize them. If they don’t belong to any of the groups they are set to the default permissions.

Maybe I’m still missing something, but:

admins * joe, bob

doesn’t work, whereas

joe * joe
bob * bob


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