Hack-A-Day brings us this interesting Cell-Phone Door Opener. It’s a neat hack, but the question on my mind is, does it make this door more secure? To enter, one must know two things: the door’s phone number and the entry code. As both of these items are information, they can be copied much more easily than a metal key can. On the other hand, revoking one of the codes (either the phone number or the entry code) is theoretically less costly than changing a lock and reissuing keys to authorized personnel.

Have you ever wanted to build your own computer as they did back in the day? If so, check out these Vintage Computer Kits. You can build a KIM-1, an ELF, or even an Apple I. And I’m happy to assume, based on the photos, that they haven’t simply copped out and emulated the entire machine on a PIC. Or, if you’d rather have a machine with more power than a scientific calculator, but simply must have that retrocomputing look, you can disguise your PC as an Altair.

Finally, there’s the Human Brain Cloud.

I'm A Gigantic Brain!

This new take on the old Word Association Game, allows you (and everyone else on the Web) to free-associate words and phrases. As you go, it will tell you how many others have made the same connection. Or, if you’d rather see it for yourself, it will draw a web of words for any word you choose.

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