I Dig Giant Robots

Some people just don’t get "reimagining." For example, I once knew a certain old grouch who wouldn’t watch Battlestar Galactica once he found out the new Starbuck was a girl. It doesn’t matter if Starbuck is a girl, a cylon, or a consensual hallucination. It’s a different, separate story, not a sequel. Er, probably.

Anyway, the same is true for this new Transformers movie. It’s got very little to do with the animated series, the earlier movie, or the comic books, except for the names of a few of the characters. That shouldn’t matter, since it’s a different story than the ones I treasured as a youth.

However, I must say I’m not a fan of the new character designs. When I first saw the still shots, I thought they looked messy, but I decided to wait until I saw them in action to pass judgment Well, I can’t say that improved my opinion much. There was a lot of jumpy camera work that gave the eye little time to focus on any one detail, leaving instead the impression of a blur of moving metal bits. Perhaps this was an intentional decision by the director, but I can’t say I was thrilled by it.

Another thing I wasn’t particularly thrilled by was the dialogue. Somehow, everyone in the movie seemed to babble at each other as though they were in a Monty Python film. Not all of the babbling could be attributed to panic, although there was plenty of that to be seen, particularly at the end. That was the giant robot smash-’em-up that I’d been waiting to see ever since Sky Captain. I must also give a nod to the "aggressive marketing" by Mountain Dew and Microsoft during one scene.

Strangely enough, most of the trailers shown with the film were for juvenile comedies I’d have no interest in seeing. Perhaps this was due to the movie’s PG-13 rating. However, there were two science-fictiony trailers I’d give a solid maybe to. The first was what appeared to be a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

The other trailer that piqued my interest is apparently for an as yet untitled movie. I’ll describe it for you. Apparently some partygoers document a huge explosion in New York City that causes the Statue of Liberty’s head to come plunging from the sky ala Spaceballs. During the commotion, someone screams, "It’s alive!" So, it sounds a bit like The Blair Witch Project will meet Godzilla. And why shouln’t it? Movies often come in pairs. We already have one giant-robots-smash-up-a-city movie. And what’s Mechagodzilla been up to lately?

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4 thoughts on “I Dig Giant Robots”

  1. I agree on Transformers, we saw it this weekend. I liked it, but it seemed like they intentionally just didn’t want you to see everything with the way they edited it.
    I also saw the Unnamed Movie trailer – looks like it could be good. Or hobbile, which, still – sometimes could be good.

  2. I just watched that trailer over at Apple. I’d have been a lot more excited about it the trailer hadn’t been of the sort that makes one feel as though one’s just seen the entire movie. Although I suppose it’s possible all they showed could happen in the first fifteen minutes…

  3. Yeah I get that feeling too. I’m putting my faith in the Trainspotting people to be clever and interesting beyond the trailer. If not, I’m going to England to kick ass.

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