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So, as you saw yesterday, I and some friends (one from out of town) went to the Comic-Con. We all had a pretty good time, although I left feeling almost unsatisfied. I don’t know exactly why. I did get to see the cast of Futurama do a reading to announce their new DVD feature-episodes. Apparently, there will be four movie-length features, which will be released on DVD and then aired on Comedy Central in half-hour segments.

I also met the members of the Babylon 5 panel at a signing just before they announced their new DVD feature. I joined a Star Trek fanclub. I admit, I did it mostly for the chance to win the DVD set they were raffling off. But since I ended up winning an enhanced membership, I might as well use it. I wonder if it would be against any sort of rule to join a Star Wars club also. I think I want to be a member of the Imperial Fire Department.

RED originally uploaded by BEY CHUA

Oh, and the Sci-Fi network has a reimagining of the Wizard of Oz coming (I think) this Fall, called Tin Man which looked… interesting, to say the least. I’ll give it a chance when the time comes.

The day ended with us on the steps of the Convention Center identifying costumed conventioneers on their way to the Masquerade party. By that point, the out-of-towner had such a good time that he vowed to return again next year, with reinforcements. (He also pointed me to a review of Transformers that I wish I’d written.(Warning: MySpace.))

But… I still can’t pin down this vague sense of dissatisfaction I’m left with. Was it because I didn’t go on Thursday or Sunday? Was it because I didn’t even buy a tee shirt? Maybe to both of those, and maybe it’s because I didn’t really see much that was new. Maybe I was just looking in the wrong direction. I guess there’s always next year.

But until then, I have Toorcon to look forward to.

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  1. We were in San Diego that weekend, but I figured we went to get away from the crowds so we didn’t go.
    I do have a great photo of my sister with Chewbacca from last year’s comicon.

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