It appears that I’ve been tagged by DWQ to do one or all of the following: list six unique or eight random facts about myself, or to list five thought-inspiring blogs. I think I’ll go with eight random facts, as that seems like the easiest of the three options. I’m not sure I could come up with six truly unique facts about myself without moving into the realm of Too Much Information.

  1. I dislike cilantro. Tasting it is like having a game show’s "wronganswer" buzzer go off in my mouth. As a result, I’m not a fan of the"Fresh Mex" style of cooking. You know, "we lightly grill the chickenbreast, and then we smother it in lime juice and cilantro." No thanks,I prefer the old style preparation. "We deep-fry our home-made corntortillas and pile them high with refried beans, shredded beef,cheese, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream, and top it off with a singleblack olive."
  2. Some people hate the sound of balloons being rubbed or packing tapebeing unrolled. Those sounds don’t bother me. What sound does? Thescreech of a kitchen knife against a stainless steel countertop. Ugh!
  3. Speaking of sound, I don’t visit bars and nightclubs and such becausenoise plus crowds does not agree with me. Also, I am not much of adancer.
  4. Instead, I’d rather just visit friends and play board games orsomething. In fact, I’ve got a closet full of them gathering dust(board games, that is) because most are for three or more players.
  5. Before I moved, I played pen-and-paper RPG’s about once a week. Ihaven’t played once since. I may or may not decide to sell my RPG bookcollection.
  6. However, I’ve gone to the Comic-Conevery year since the move. But I’ve definitely decided to sell mycomic book collection.
  7. I went to school with a guy that had the very same birthday as myself.I don’t believe we’ve ever said more than five words to each other.
  8. That could be said for most of the people I went to school with.

So there are eight random facts about myself for you. Now, who to tag, who to tag…? I think I’ll tag Cheile just to annoy him, then Sari, for being so foolish kind as to leave comments, and finally… you, you random Googler. You’re not getting away from here that easily! Mua ha ha! Mua ha ha! Mua ha ha!

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3 thoughts on “Tagged.”

  1. The screech of a knife on a stainless steel countertop? Sounds horrendous!
    I laughed at the idea that you had a closet full of friends gathering dust.
    Also, I played along. Nothing exciting, but random you asked for, random you get.

  2. Bwahaha! You may have thought that you had the upper hand, but I filled out the little questionnaire thing… and hmm… not sure how this helps me… but you have your answers.

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