Check out this home-brewed pick-and-place machine for assembling circuit boards with surface-mounted components. This is even better than the Lego duck machine. I so want one.

Citybeat has an article on a proposed California bullet train and why it’s still only proposed. Basically, "it’s not cost-effective in the short term." See, it’s this sort of thinking that got us where we are today– and keeps us there– the focusing on short-term benefits and discounting the long-term implications. In the short term, building cars and drilling for oil is beneficial. Without them, America dies. And it’s precisely because of that fact that we need to consider suffering short-term penalties for long-term benefits. We can’t wait for the market to decide, because the market is too short-sighted.

And speaking of short-sighted, I heard on the radio this afternoon of a new bill that would give favorable postal rates to mass-media (such as Time-Warner) at the expense of smaller publishers. It is speculated that this would drive most small publishers toward an online-only format, and many out of business completely.

Until next time.. and hopefully by then I’l have something more robot-y to share with you..

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