Gadget of the Day

Behold the underactuated prosthetic fingertip!

Quite possibly the most impressive thing I’ve seen all day.

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4 thoughts on “Gadget of the Day”

  1. Wow. Would this require the actual absence of a digit, or could someone i.e. me conceivably get six to a hand?
    And what about tool “tips?” I’ve long thought a sturdy, racheting finger tip with an interchangeable bit-socket would be awesome.

  2. I wonder how much more difficult it would be to make a prosthetic opposeable thumb. As a sixth digit, that could have some serious uses.

  3. “I’m all thumbs” becomes a reality? And really, would “all thumbs” be such a bad thing? Okay thumbs are kind of stubby, sure. Plus giving someone the finger might not have the same effect; the receiver might start laughing or something. But still.

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