Tiki Robo

In reading 50 Short Science Fiction Tales, I couldn’t help but notice how tame and dated time had made those tales seem. Factor in the length, and the seemingly compulsory twist endings, and I feel almost as though I’d been reading The Science Fiction Joke Book. This is not by any means to say I haven’t enjoyed the book. Vintage science fiction is fun to read for its odd speculations that never bore fruit: book-film readers, binary-coded police reports, atomic light bulbs, tube-based teaching computers, and all sorts of other, wonderful ideas that seem half-baked by today’s standards. Of course, some ideas never seem to go out of style, such as robots that carry out their programming long after the need has passed. Thus I present to you the twentieth Robot-a-Day, the Keeper of the Volcano.

tiki robo

The Keeper of the Volcano had been quiet for generations, just listening to the earth move, but on the day it finally spoke, nobody understood.

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