Childhood Friends

When you were little, did you have an imaginary friend? Or perhaps there was a recurring character you told your parents stories about? Was it a fairy princess? A talking dinosaur? A superhero? Would you be surprised to know that mine was a robot?

When I was little, and my brother still a baby, our family moved to this weird old house that had a big weird outlet in the living room for the big, noisy space heater that came with the weird old house. Since my brother was still much too young to play with at that time, I made imaginary friends with the heater, who became a robot named Heater. I remember drawing a sort of comic about him having an adventure in the mysterious lands beyond the hill behind the house. I don’t know what became of the comic. Perhaps it met its end in the weird old house’s sphinx-like woodburning stove. But I do remember the robot looking vaguely like this…


As for the real heater, it eventually broke down in a spectacular shower of sparks, and was then deemed dangerous and unfixable, and was duly banished from the weird old house forever. But by that time, I’d made a real friend, my little brother. (Aww!)

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One thought on “Childhood Friends”

  1. He looks like he’d be a fun friend.
    I always wanted a chimpanzee. But a robot would be a lot less messy.
    It’s too bad we don’t keep the stories we wrote as children, isn’t it?

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