The In-Infamous Five Question Meme

Today’s post takes the form of the "Five Question Meme" as seen at Center of Gravitas. GayProf answered five questions posed to him by another blog author. He likewise offered to ask five questions to others who wanted. I will do the same, if you would like me to ask YOU five questions.

1. How old were you when you learned the truth about sex? Who delivered this information?
When I was eight, I checked a book out of the local library. It was called "The Science Book," and I chose it because gosh darn it, I liked science. It turned out to be kind of an odd book. I only remember two things about it, really. One was a recipe that didn’t specify any ingredients, just that the reader use fresh ingredients and clean utensils, with the end result being "you should feel contentedly full." The other thing I remember was a rather unexpected and intimately detailed description of intercourse, with oddly spiritual passages such as, "at this moment, it feels as though the two bodies have joined into one."
2. What has been the worst experience in dating? Why so? Feel free to use real names.
To me, "dating" denotes that span of time between being strangers and being in a relationship. I’d say the worst experience of the latter was quite likely my being the recipient of the old "I can’t see you any more because I don’t have time" excuse. As to the former, I vaguely remember throwing up in somebody’s car.
3. What was the last bit of history that you have read?
That would be "The Origins of Tymnet." Now, for anybody else who may be interested in computing history, I heartily recommend Hackers, by Steven Levy. I’d also like to read What The Dormouse Said, by John Markoff, but I haven’t quite got a copy of that book yet.
4. If you had to leave your current location and mover somewhere else in the nation, where would it be and why?
I don’t have a definite answer to this question. I do know that I’d prefer to move on, not back. Perhaps to move out of California entirely. I’d like it to be a metropolitan area, one with a good mass transit system, with shops and venues within walking distance. I’m tired of having to drive everywhere to do anything. And I’d like the people to be friendly, not aloof. But they shouldn’t be so friendly that I’m routinely taken aside and told of pets, bunions, and tea in gruesome, intimate detail. There should be real seasons, and trees, and good food. Anyone know of a place like that?
5. Why do you worship and/or adore GayProf?
I guess he’s just that adorable.
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