Chocolatey Surprise

The Candy Blog reports that the FDA is considering redefining chocolate. Currently, in the US, a product can be labeled as chocolate only if it contains cocoa butter, cocoa, sugar, etc. The new definiton would allow candy makers to substitute the cocoa butter with other vegetable oils and pass the resulting concoction off as real chocolate. I don’t like fake chocolate, and I especially dislike it wrapped around fake ice cream. Ugh.

But if there’s no longer any legal difference between fake (or "compound") chocolate and the genuine article, then there’s also no reason to manufacture anything but the far cheaper compound chocolate. Especially when the stupid-sounding code word "chocolatey" can be quite legally replaced with the phrase "real chocolate." Heck, some folks might even see the new packaging and be tempted to pay just a little more for the same product as ever.

Consumers to FDA: Don’t mess with our chocolate.

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