Well, we’re back after a bit of technological noncooperation, which is a long, boring story for a later post. Quite likely, that post will be the very next post, which you are of course welcome to skip as it will contain lots of code and error messages, both of which tend to cause people’s eyes to glaze over and/or roll back in their heads, followed by unconsciousness. That could have been why the issue took a week to get around to fixing, but actually I finally found a new job, which requires me to work customary business hours, which means I now shouldn’t mustn’t be up at 1:45 AM futzing around on my computer. Regardless, I’d really like to get back into posting more often, ideally once per day as I was in November.

Oh, and because of the soon-to-be explained electronic blooper, the commenting system seems to have gone a little off-kilter. Don’t be alarmed if you seem to be posting non-sequitur comments to posts you don’t recall reading, it’s just that Haloscan’s database no longer matches the website. Hopefully that can be sorted out without much more pain or effort.

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