Coffee Talk

I admit it, I often go to Starbucks for a treat now and then. When I do, I sometimes wonder about the people sitting there clicking away at their portable computers. I like to imagine that they’re maximizing their time, stopping on the way from point A to point B, to have a snack and put the finishing touches on an important report. On the other hand, perhaps their homes are such distracting environments that a busy coffee shop is the only place to get any work done. I can certainly sympathize with that. It’s also probable that some of these people may simply be amusing themselves while awaiting the arrival of friends. Then again, some people might just have nothing better to do than monopolize the Big Comfy Chairs while composing blog entries.

There’s nothing wrong with blogging from a coffee shop, or from a Big Comfy Chair, for that matter. (I’ve got one I’m quite fond of, but it’s next to my TV, which is a bit distracting.) However, might I suggest that the tragic, meaningful, gritty and/or realistic experience could be enhanced by visiting an independent coffee shop? Although the experience won’t be quite as mediated– the Big Comfy Chair may be neither big nor comfy– they might have better coffee.

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