Retro Computing

It’s funny how one can start searching for one thing and end up finding something else.

For example, one could search for android-related information, but a typo could cause one to recall the word androne. This might have been one of many games for the Tandy Color Computer At this point, one might be overcome with nostalgia for a beloved 8-bit microcomputer , and peruse the entries for one’s other favorites, such as Popcorn , Polaris , Microbes , Panic Button , Spidercide, the oddly unmentioned Robot Odyssey, and of course the (in)famous Dungeons of Daggorath .

One might sigh with regret at this point, recalling one’s long-vanished CoCo2 and Program Paks therefore, but one might also breathe a sigh of joy to learn that modern reimplementations exist of both Robot Odyssey (as DroidQuest ) and of Dungeons of Daggorath.

I count myself lucky, actually, to have received a CoCo2 for my ninth birthday. I think that if I’d been given a more mainstream system, such as a Commodore 64, an Apple II, or even an IBM-PC, the ready availability of software for these systems would have led me to spend most of my time playing games written by others. Instead, I read lots of books on how to write games in BASIC and laboriously translated the examples therein to the proper dialect. As a result, I learned not just "how to work a computer" but how a computer works .

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