It’s been a while since I’ve responded to a questionnaire. But I think one may be appropriate right about now, since I don’t have anything snarky, pithy, sentimental, meaningful, or interesting to say about Valentine’s Day– except of course to wonder a) whether I’ll see Easter Bunnies before I see leprechauns and b) whether I’ll see either of them tomorrow.

Anyway, this questionnaire is brought to us by Comical Misadeventures of a Rambling Mind . The point of this questionnaire is simply to play the old word-association game. Here we go.

  1. Cigarette: Smoker
  2. Sex: Attention
  3. Relationship: Pain-in-the-ass.
  4. Ex: Lax
  5. Power: Hungry
  6. Create: Make
  7. Job: Shovel
  8. Food: Eat
  9. Type: Writer
  10. Home: Heart
  11. Care: No
  12. Value: Cost
  13. Eve: Midsummer’s
  14. Jest: Jester’s cap
  15. Religion: Preacher
  16. Thunder: Lightning
  17. Fear: Love
  18. Marriage: Wedding
  19. Back: Front
  20. Spark: Plug
  21. Tear: Fabric (of the Spacetime Continuum)
  22. Trust: Antitrust
  23. Boredom: Without Technology
  24. Inside: Intel
  25. Fire: Caveman
  26. Game: Gameboy
  27. Soft: Ice Cream
  28. Ice: Caves
  29. Hard: Man (Hard Man was a Mega Man boss. I swear . Okay, fine, don’t believe me then. What ever.)
  30. Because: Just
  31. Community: Bank (No, I don’t use them.)
  32. Wood: Man (Wood Man was another Mega Man character. Really. I am such a nerd. )
  33. Theme: Park
  34. Love: Hate
  35. Hate: Joy
  36. Friendship: Friendship? (Mortal Kombat. Nerd! Nerd!)
  37. Money: Green
  38. Heartache: Tonight (oh, no )
  39. Lust: Envy (And I thought of the Homunculi. Nerd-nerd-nerd.)
  40. Time: Space
  41. Divorce: Rate
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