The Evil Overlord

Today’s quiz is brought to you by DWQ online.

The Machiavelli Test measures only one thing — whether you subscribe to the ideas of a 16th century Italian political philosopher. But experiments have shown that reactions to Machiavelli act as a kind of litmus test, delineating differences in temperament that can be confirmed with more traditional personality inventories.

My Score: 79, "High Mach."

From the site:

High Machs constitute a distinct type: charming, confident and glib, but also arrogant, calculating and cynical, prone to manipulate and exploit. (Think Rupert Murdoch, or if your politics permit it, President Clinton.)

Yesterday’s quiz pegged me as The Scientist, and today’s claims I’m basically a ruthless bastard. Zoiks, that must mean…

I guess I’d better dust off 100 Things To Remember Upon Becoming An Evil Overlord and then decide how to blow up the Earth . (I’m thinking black hole.)

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