Gaygamer brings us the tale of this adorable Chbi Robo costume . It reminds me of the robot costume I wore for Halloween when I was five, though my costume more resembled an old-school Fifties robot .

Santa is scheduled to visit in approximately ten days, and presumably his elves are working overtime to build enough toys for the "good" children of the world. You may not need elves if you have a RepRap or a Fab@Home unit.

Although both Clarise and Rover are both unfinished, I have a plan for a holiday robot. This will be some sort of animatronic Christmas tree that barks at intruders, dances, and/or folds itself into "the bird." The barking part shouldn’t be too hard. As for the dancing, remember these guys ? The secret was just a bent shaft rotating in a flexible tube.

I’ve also stumbled across a proximity sensor that works on the same principle as the Theremin and, if I’m not mistaken, certain touchpads. I have a vague idea for a third robot that will perhaps use those, an old Palm (Clie, really) as CPU, and (perhaps too ambitiously) a synchro drive system. I tried that once in the past with disastrous results, but that was perhaps because the various materials I used were either too weak or too heavy. I should really have also used idler wheels to help support the system’s weight.

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