Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

Slashdot reports that the ocean will be empty of fish as well as bare of coral by mid century, due to Man’s excesses of appetite and waste. Yet there are still those who choose to believe that a hoax is being perpetrated by a cabal of anti-industrial scientists for no particular reason other than these scientists hate Jesus or freedom or something. There are also people who may admit that signs of "climate change" exist but insist that a changing climate is part of some natural atmospheric cycle which cannot be changed by any kinds of organisms. Oh, sure. Tell that to the stromatolites .

I thought this was supposed to be the Twenty-First Century. Why are we still driving automobiles powered by internal combustion? For that matter, why are we even driving automobiles? It’s not 1956, it’s 2006. And yet I still have to haul huge bags of laundry to the coin-operated laundromat like it’s 1986.

Where’s my non-polluting antigravity personal transportation device? Nope, nowhere in sight. Talking computer wristwatch? Eh, not quite. Robot butler? Almost. Videophone? Just around the corner, but don’t hold your breath. Virtual reality? Yes, but you’ll have to use your imagination. Enhancing undergarments for men? Oh, but that we have.

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