Scientific Observation

Correct me if I am wrong, which I may well be, but based on a random sampling , I would estimate that 98% of the participants of NaBloPoMo are female. I am certainly not saying that this is a bad thing in and of itself. But the overall subject matter does tend to get a bit monotonous after a time. Kids, husband, pets, husband, kids, pets. Oh, and new tampons. Yes, I randomly landed on one blog, I don’t remember which one, that began with the statement, "So I tried out these new tampons today…" At that point I decided I’d best take a break and fired up an instance of GrowCube .

I’m certainly not saying that posts about your kids are a bad thing. Amazing Journey had a particularly amusing one yesterday. And I’m certainly not saying that it’s wrong to tell us how your particular husband is or isn’t a pig as the case may be, or that your dog or cat is or isn’t the cutest thing in the entire world. It’s just that with over 2,000 participants, I had thought to see a little more variety. *shrug*

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