Robot Progress

I haven’t done much with Rover this week. I’ve focused my attention on Clarise, the drawing robot.


The name was suggested by a colleague. Anyway, I had to replace the Teac 4510 stepper motors (salvaged from old 5.25" disk drives) with something a little more robust. As a result, the robot moves… mostly. The elbow joint works. However the shoulder joint just twitches about. I did get it to work right once, but once I showed it to a friend, it stopped working again. Reversed mechanic’s syndrome, right? *sigh*

I suspect the problem is not so much the motor this time as it is the pulley you can see at upper right. The tension on the belt is so tight that it causes the gear at the other end to pull away from the motor. Of course if I loosen the belt, it slips like crazy. I think the correct approach may be to put the motor shaft on the opposite side of the pulley shaft so that it helps to hold it in place. If that doesn’t work, I’ll just have to set Clarise aside and work on Rover until some other solution occurs to me.

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