NaBloPoMo, Day Thirty

Gosh, is November over already? It seems like just yesterday I was bragging about how easy this whole National Blog Posting Month experiment would be. For those of you unfamiliar with this challenge, it was meant to encourage bloggers to post more often. For those that could manage to post once per day, a drawing for fabulous prizes would be held at the end of the month.

For me, the real challenge was finding something interesting to say every day. Those of you that may know me in person know that I am not one to gossip about others, gush about celebrities, or volunteer detailed analyses of my feelings. So why even blog?

Well, first of all, I want to share information that I may have had to learn the hard way. There are so many times where I’ve Googled for hours for a particular bit of information, only to find the edges of it. After puzzling the answer out for myself, I often think, "I ought to post that on the Web so that nobody else has to go through this!"

Another reason for blogging is to keep in touch with friends and hopefully even to make some new ones. I don’t know if any of my real-world friends do visit my humble abode on the Web, but I do know that a lot of other NaBloPoMo participants and spectators have stopped by on a trip through the master list, or were brought here by the fabulous Randomizer . Thanks to all of you for visiting, and I hope you stop by again soon. I know that I’ll be visiting many of you again in the future.

If that was the bright side of this experiment, then the dark side was this. I rather feel that in the daily rush to think of something to say, quality was overruled by quantity, and my good posts were crowded out by my mediocre ones. Never did I resort to complaining about writer’s block, but how very often indeed did I resort to the weary crutch of the questionnaire. I think I’ll steer clear of those for a long while, at least until I’ve finally written a proper "About the Author" page.

On the whole, this has been a very positive experience, and who knows? Perhaps we’ll all try it again next year.

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