Happy Black Friday!

I hope you are all having a nice Buy Nothing Day. Since today officially marks the start of this year’s Orgy of Consumerism, I thought it would be appropriate– not to mention a courtesy to those close friends and relatives that may feel obligated to buy me something– to post The List, which is basically just a list of movies, etc. that I liked enough to want a copy of, but not quite so much that I did buy. So, for all three of you, here it is:

  • Doctor Who – The Complete First Series
  • Mr. Roboto
  • Mystery Men
  • Nightmare before Christmas
  • Office Space
  • Robocop
  • Star Wars Original Trilogy Non-Special Edition
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

I’m sure it would have been easier just to link to an Amazon Wish List, which I’ve never bothered to set up. (Or I could maybe have set up one of those "style monitor" things. You know the ones I mean? They look almost like the Flash version of the Flickr badge, but are apparently something like del.icio.us for shopping.) I might do that in the future, but I probably won’t, as it would seem too much like soliciting gratuities from the Internet at large, and that’s just tacky.

For the rest of the world, don’t worry. This whole mess will conclude in four weeks and two days. Then the wreathes of fake pine, the fake snowmen and the fake snow, the fake Santa Clauses and herds of light-bulb-nosed reindeer will all be gone, and in their place will suddenly be cupids and pink hearts.

Oh! And I have just got to get me an animatronic Santa or two during the clearance sales.

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